Shining some Moonlight on Grace

She may look like a youngster (and is) but in quilt years she's well into middle age!  She's been hanging out in quilt shops since she was a baby, started going to quilt camp at 7, and then went full circle and taught quilt camp herself.  She loves to do some humorous fussy cutting to tuck into some of the tiny little blocks she makes.  Some of the fussy cut pieces in the Long Time Gone quilt (pattern by Jen Kingwell) are an inch finished!  This was the first Jen Kingwell quilt she made and was very proud to have it in the local Annie's Star Quilt Guild quilt show a couple of years ago.  She's currently finishing up her next Jen Kingwell quilt "My Small World" and the tiny fussy cutting continues!  She's also participating in the Amy Friend Whimsy Garden Sew-a-Long from her new book "Petal & Stem."  Since she loves flowers and gardening, as well as quilting, so it was a perfect combination of two of her favorite things!  


  • So glad you’re doing this!

  • Man am l glad you guys are doing this! You rock and have a rare skill set that I shall be taking advantage of!

    Colleen Doran Chandler
  • Great quilt, Grace! Best wishes to all of you on this new endeavor!

    Sue Simmons
  • Great photos! And guess youngsters have a bit to teach us oldsters!

  • What a nice start. Good luck to you three girls!

    Gayle Sparks

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