Our Story

Grace absorbed her love of color and quilting playing in the back room of Honey Run Quilters, while her Mom, Lesa worked for fabric on the weekends. Over the years, Lesa continued to teach and help out at shows, all while working a day job. Grace went on to work for the very same shop, under her new “momager” (mom+manager), Ronda! For almost 30 years Ronda spent time at the local quilt shop first as a customer, then student, then employee and finally a manager. 

Now all three of us are branching off to create Moonlight Quilters, an online quilt shop offering the highest quality fabrics, unparalleled customer service, and fun projects galore!  We will be providing local services as well. We are a group of night owl quilters and most of our quilts and projects are “made by the light of moon.”

Special thanks to our behind the scenes support,  IT department and all around great guy Lesa’s husband and Grace’s dad, Andy Merchant.