Windham Artisan Solid Cotton by Another Point of View for Windham Fabrics Flax color 48 cross-dyed quilting weight

Artisan Cotton by Another Point of View for Windham Light Flax

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Sold by the 1/2 yard (18" x WOF). Multiple units are cut continuously.  

Artisan Cotton is a cross-dyed quilting weight cotton that reads like a solid but with added texture! The colors are rich and saturated and soothing to the eye. They make a wonderful background or coordinate in a quilt and are great for bags or other projects.  

Color #48 is a soothing light flax that will sit in the background or add a soothing place for the eye to land in a quilt block, while allowing your other fabrics to shine.

Retail price per yard is $10.50 USD

Made in India.