In Galaxy Far, Far Away space stars cotton label for quilts garments clothing bags by Intensely Distracted

In a Galaxy Far, Far Away Labels by Intensely Distracted

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Each pack contains 4 center folded labels.

These woven labels are made with the highest density of yarns for a crisp design and luxurious feel. The generous fold gives you the option to sew as much or as little into your seam as you’d like for different looks. Include it at the back of your garment to differentiate back from front or on an outside side seam for more visibility.

Inspired by the iconic opening scene, this label features the phrase, "In a galaxy far, far away...", on one side and space on the other side. Perfect for any Star Wars fan!

Details:- 4 labels per pack.

-Center folded.

-Black background with blue words on side and white stars on the other.

-1 1/2 in (38 mm) x 7/8 in (23 mm) after folded.

-Machine wash cold, tumble dry low or line dry.