In Omnia Paratus Ready for Anything quote from Gilmore Girls LIfe and Death Brigade cotton labels for quilts garments clothing bags by Intensely Distracted

In Omnia Paratus (Ready for Anything) Labels by Intensely Distracted

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Each pack contains 6 end folded labels made of 100% cotton.

Made with eco-friendly materials, this is the softest label of the them all which makes it the least structured.

For this one, I highly recommend basting or using a fabric glue stick before sewing it in. After it's in, you'll forget it's there as it easily conforms to the fabric.

 "In Omnia Paratus" is a latin phrase that means ready for anything. It's most recognizable as the motto of the Life and Death Brigade from Gilmore Girls. It would make a great addition to any make, regardless of whether or not you're a fan.


-6 labels per pack.

-End folded.

-Off white cotton with printed black words on both sides.

-2 in (50mm) x 3/8 in (11mm) after folded.

- Machine wash cold, tumble dry low or line dry.

-Because of the nature of this product, the two raw edges can fray. To prevent fraying, sew both ends into your garment, finish edges, or use a fray check solution.