tula pink thread collection 20 spools curiouser & curiouser aurifil 50 wt

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Tula Pink's Curiouser & Curiouser thread collection that is a perfect match to Tula's collection of Curiouser & Curiouser as well as her other fabric lines.  Our favorite 50wt. thread.

Thread box includes 20 small spools (220 yards each) of 50wt 100% cotton thread

Thread box includes these colors. 1104, 1133, 2135, 5015, 2105, 1231, 2880, 2835, 1148, 4093, 2270, 4020, 2588, 2479, 2423, 2026, 6726, 2770, 2520, 2581

When you place a pre-order with us you will be given a 10% discount on the retail price automatically and the reservation fee will be deducted from the price.  $7.99 is the reservation fee for this item.

The retail price for this item will be $90.00 . You will be notified when the product arrives to pay the balance of $82.01.  The reservation fee is non-refundable and the balance is due within 7 days of notification the item is in stock.

Expected delivery is the end of April 2021