Rainbow Garden Abi Hall Moda Fabrics fat eighth 1/8 bundle pre-order reservation veggies fruits earth apples strawberries stars rainbows sun apples cotton quilting fabric

Rainbow Garden by Abi Hall for Moda Fabric Fat Eight Bundle PRE-ORDER

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PLEASE NOTE: this is a fat eight bundle.  Fat eighths measure 9" x 21"

This super fun collection by Abi Hall features veggies, fruits, the earth, rainbows and suns with cute faces.  Colorful starry prints coordinate.  

The collection is estimated to arrive in December.  

The reservation fee is $7.99, and is deducted from the cost of the bundle.  We also take 10% off the retail price for pre-ordered items.

This bundles contains 30 prints and the retail price is $60.00.

The balance due, after the 10% discount, and application of the reservation fee, will be $46.00;  we will invoice you for this amount as soon as the bundles are received. 

Invoices must be paid within 7 days.  Bundle availability cannot be guaranteed for invoices not paid within the timeframe.  Pre-order reservation fees are non-refundable and are forfeited for unpaid items.